Paul Milton, Cheltenham Everyman director wins Writers’ Guild Award


Hi everyone,

This is very quick, as I have yet to make breakfast, but I want to tell you all about a rather exciting day I had on Friday. I’d nominated Paul Milton, our director at Cheltenham Everyman, for one of the Writers’ Guild Awards for Theatre Encouragement, and – yes – he won!

Paul – I should explain – is a committed and enthusiastic leader in the theatre. I have learnt a lot of what I know about playwriting from him. He runs an excellent Writers’ Lab, organising actors to come in and read our scripts, and give us feedback, along with his own feedback, as director. It is invaluable to all of us writers.

The certificates were awarded at the Royal Court Theatre. Mandy Fenton, of Equal Writes; Juliet Forster, from York Theatre Royal; Gillian Hambleton, of Northumberland Theatre Company, and Edge Hill University‘s Bill Hopkinson – had also won awards, and certificates were presented by David James. 🙂

Conversation over lunch was very exciting for me. I was able to sound out different directors about trends in theatre, and whether certain movements, such as verbatim theatre were dead. I was surprised how very dead they considered it to be – and had to argue my case for using real words from a recording of the Greenpeace protestors being arrested. (I’m quite interested in it – especially as it is an interesting way of linking up different kinds of media – which is something I like to do.) Gillian also suggested to me that, rather than doing a new version of Miz Margenon’s Jungle for adult actors I could do it as forum theatre. That feels very right to me, and I am going to do this.

I should have asked her who would be interested in it when I’ve done it, but it’s typical of me not to think of the practicalities. 😀

I have to go. Breakfast calls, but I hope I’ve given you a taste of that very exciting day. For more info see here:

Love to all,

Pippa x


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