Hi everyone, This is very quick, as much of my news is still in that slightly fuzzy phase, when you know it’s happening, but shouldn’t give too much away. I think I can hint that I am getting involved in writing for virtual reality projects… The first meeting to discuss plans is at the beginning of January, so watch this space! šŸ™‚ I’m also pleased to announce that the children’s book I wrote for the Hull University project is now coming out from Fractal, although it will be funded out of the original grant from STEMHE. We had some discussion with different publishers who were interested, but in the end Fractal seemed the best choice, as we already had links with educational suppliers. I have always avoided publishing my own work (although of course I edited Effie M Roberts’s war time poetry) – but this does seem to make sense. I’m also writing a lot of short stories for young children, including a Christmas collection, and I have no idea which publisher to approach. I know I have more than proved myself, with 20 years of writing stories, journalism and plays, so I am tempted to just go ahead and have everything published from Fractal. Planning something like a book fits well with my creative nature, while approaching publishers, and marketing, would score me a round 0% ! (I pay someone to market Fractal books). I should also say that I have added a new reading to my repertoire. I can now offer readings from WW1 poets – suitable for the anniversaries next year. Phone me on 07961 838304 0r see my readings page for more details on this. See you all soon. I’m off to my Everyman Writers’ Lab very soon. Byeeeeeee, Pippa xx


About Stargleam

I am a professional writer from the UK. I am featured on www.fractalpublishing.co.uk/pippa and you will see other pages on that website, about my journalism; my science plays, and my stories. I have recently been involved in the Skylines project, writing theatre for children and young people, at Theatre Centre, London. http://www.theatre-centre.co.uk/skylines/member-profiles/f686db278ac9593e310afd5881e1101f/ For more information about my usual work, in which I try to bring together arts and sciences, please see: https://stargleam.wordpress.com/home/pippa-roberts-plays-with-real-science-experiments
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