Shades of Green

Good luck Larissa. A very interesting subject that I shall follow. Have a great Christmas too! 🙂

Hand me a Mirror!

Every (almost every?) author wants the validation of a publishing contract – an affirmation of talent from industry professionals willing to invest in their career. Since starting this self-publishing process one of those niggling, shadow parts has expected me to wake up one fine morning … covered head-to-toe in green, unable to hold back that twisted, Gollum voice any longer: “why not me?”; “I want one too”; “is it too late?”; “what must I do to get one?”. Yep, green with envy at other authors who’ve managed to secure those contracts that seem to be ever more difficult to come by.

Bizarrely, the exact opposite has happened. One of the rationalisations I used for self-publishing was a vague awareness that publishers’ investment in authors doesn’t necessarily extend to a marketing/PR input. I told myself that if promotion was going to be left to me anyway then I might as well…

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About Stargleam

I am a professional writer from the UK. I am featured on and you will see other pages on that website, about my journalism; my science plays, and my stories. I have recently been involved in the Skylines project, writing theatre for children and young people, at Theatre Centre, London. For more information about my usual work, in which I try to bring together arts and sciences, please see:
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