Fractal Publishing – Information

PLEASE NOTE FRACTAL IS CLOSED TO UNSOLICITED SUBMISSIONS AT PRESENT. We cannot reply to queries from authors or illustrators. Do look out for us though, as we’ll be back!

Fractal Publishing was founded by Pippa Roberts in 2005. The first books were volumes of a journal, written in poetry during the Second World War. The author was Effie M. Roberts, a Cheltenham woman and also, incidentally, Pippa’s grandmother. The books have been a huge success. They are being recommended for use as part of the National Curriculum and they can be seen on the Times Educational Supplement website.

Fractal has since gone on to publish guides for migrant workers, written by Pippa’s sister, Miriam Roberts. The English version (Guide for New Workers in the UK) was used by a number of councils and by the agricultural agency, Concordia. A Polish edition was also produced.

Margo Smith’s cookery book, with recipes from around the world proved very popular and has now sold out.

Our last book was a retrospective look at the sort of people you used to see around, with wonderful comic illustrations – from Paul Davies and Gordon Thorburn. It’s called Some Missing Persons. Here is an illustration from it:

Missing Receptionist

Missing Receptionist


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